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*“All my family comes to this office. I had asthma and back problems due to pregnancy. I was referred by my friend Tami. I have had these symptoms for five years. With back pain, I could not complete housework. I am very thankful for God in bringing our family to Dr. Tyler. God has used his skills to help heal and maintain. Asthma symptoms have cleared for myself and daughter, back pain is now low to none. I am now able to enjoy life as a mom.”
​Alicia C.

*“I sought chiropractic treatment for back pain and a stiff neck. My father told me about this office. My symptoms began when I woke up in the morning in pain, and I’ve had this for over 10 years. I was feeling lethargic, had trouble surfing and enjoying my favorite activities. Dr. Tyler and Cathy are awesome, they are friendly, welcoming and compassionate. I have rediscovered a youthful energy, particularly in the ocean!”
Sean. Mc.

*“I first came to this office for sore back and joints. I found out about his practice from a demo at the farmers market. I think symptoms began from old age. I’ve had these symptoms for 20 years. Pain was consistent sitting, standing and driving. I like this office because it’s walk in and it’s good for me. I go regularly, and have been pain free. I now do not suffer from pain and discomfort. I have recommended him to many people and they have all been very satisfied with the results.”
George B.

*“I first came to Dr. Richards for chronic back pain and spasms while walking. I found the office from a sign out front. My symptoms began way back in early 2000’s while working as a nurse. It feels like I’ve had these symptoms forever. The problems keep me from walking distances seems spasms and pain start. The doctor and staff are friendly, concerned and helpful couldn’t meet a nicer group. After adjustments I can walk longer distances before pain and spasms start.”
Arlene D.

*“I first started coming to this office for chronic back issues. I was looking for a family chiro who would also treat children with ear infections. My symptoms began 30 years ago after being hit by a car. My son was two years old and had chronic ear infections and doctors wanted to put tubes in his ears. Dr. Richards was most accommodating, thorough and genuinely interested in our well being. I no longer have to stay a day in bed due to my back issues. And my son no long has ear infections.”
Kevin M.

*“I first started coming because I couldn’t walk properly or stand straight. I found Dr. Richards through my insurance. I’ve had these symptoms my whole life. I was not able to live without pain. Dr. Tyler has great knowledge in the field of Chiropractic. I have had amazing results.”
Gary R.

*“I started coming to this office because of sciatic pain caused from my pregnancy. He offers affordable payment plans. I had extreme pain and he alleviated it. The staff are absolutely wonderful-so caring, knowledgable, friendly and take genuine interest, and go the extreme mile. The results I received is not manageable.”
Tami P.

*“I have been coming to Dr. Richards office since 2009. I had pain in my right hip which caused me pain when I walked. I had these symptoms for 6 months before receiving chiropractic treatment. My medical Dr. wanted me to take medication and then surgery. Since coming to this office, I have avoided both! I find Dr. Richards to be compassionate and his staff helpful. I can now walk without pain and have been pain free for 6 years. It’s a miracle!”
Audrey P.

*“Severe pain in my right hip and difficulty walking for six months prompted me to seek chiropractic treatment from Dr. Richards who is close to where I live. Dr. Richards is compassionate and took care of my pain without medication or surgery. The staff was cheerful and helpful. As a result of my care, I can now walk without pain and have been pain free for five years! It's a miracle!!”
Andy P.

*“I started my Chiropractic treatment because of frequent recurring migraine headaches. After 16 years in the martial arts with very intense workouts and training, it was determined that my spine had suffered, particularly my neck. After 6 months of treatment, my migraines have virtually disappeared. There were also numerous benefits, my energy level is up, my workouts are stronger, and my recovery time is greatly reduced. My posture has improved so dramatically that people comment about it! Chiropractic treatment is definitely worth the time and financial commitment.”
Sara G. (School Administrator)

*“Reluctantly, I made my appointment. After 5 visits, my eyesight began to improve. I thought with great excitement this just cannot be. After my 15th visit, I began to read without my glasses (I as in glee). Very content with what has taken place, my energy level increased. To add to all this, I have almost completely rid myself of my sinus condition. Emotion only, but words cannot translate how ecstatic I am with my treatment. I will always be a prophet for the method of correction.”
I was in glee (Marketing executive)

*“I brought my daughter in because I heard that Chiropractic might help with asthma or breathing problems. My daughter had been diagnoses with asthma a month earlier. The Pediatrician prescribed 3 types of breath inhalers a day. I thought it couldn’t hurt. Since coming to Chiropractic, she has been brought back into alignment and she does not take any medications and has no symptoms of asthma.”
Marcia N. (delighted parent)

*“I’ve been coming to Dr. Richard’s office for the past 3 months. In my opinion you are like an angel. I used to take sleeping pills at night because of my neck pain and insomnia. Since I started treatment with you I no longer have to take sleeping pills or muscle relaxers to sleep. Now I am pain free and seem to have more energy. I never felt as free from neck pain as I do now. I thank you so much for being an excellent and knowledgeable healer.”
Neomi C. (Nurse)

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